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2 min readCan Cold Calling Still Work In Today’s B2B Prospecting?

Cold calling seems to be something which is increasingly drifting out of the picture these days, for several different reasons. Many marketeers hate this whole scenario of having to ring up potential clients despite agreeing to do so prior to securing the job. But, can cold calling still work today?

The short answer to this would be yes, it is a method you can try. However, it goes a little deeper than just a yes or a no. The reason people dislike cold calling could be anything ranging from having to call a stranger with an idea to work with them, to simply not getting any results out of it. But the fact is, there are still plenty of reasons why it can go right for you. Another fact is, cold calling can often turn into the fastest way for you to reach out and communicate with your prospect. This could potentially lead to you getting an immediate answer out of your prospect which could end up making your work much smoother. When you’re cold calling, you are also able to stand-out. This happens because a well conducted conversation with a potential customer may help set you apart from the hundreds of similar emails the potential customer may have received, sitting in their inbox. This already, is a huge plus.

However, it can be said that this is indeed, the best-case scenario. For the most part, not everyone loves being cold called, some even find it intrusive. This then completely changes the flow and tone of the conversation, and not pleasantly. Another thing to note is that, when cold calling you will require a marketeer with special skills and the overall knowledge of what he or she is about to pitch to the potential client. No one is able to judge the flow of a conversation, and that is why you need someone who is knowledgeable.

In all honesty, cold calling is a rather hit or miss effort. If it works out for your marketeer, it could generate instant responses and potentially securing those prospects you had in mind. On the downside, the prospect could possibly be thrown off by the whole conversation and it could be even someone who did not appreciate being called.

Finally, cold calling can work in today’s B2B prospecting, given the fact that you are well sorted out with your idea, have a reliable marketeer and be prepared for some not so good responses.

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