Send out successful cold emails that finally works

Automated & personalized cold emails with high response rate

The Cold Email Struggle

Emails are frequently ignored, especially in the form of electronic direct mailers (EDM) or promotional designs. It’s also extremely tedious for you to send out text-based, personalized email from your Gmail or Outlook mailbox directly. 

Although personalized text-based emails works the best, it’s extremely time consuming, tedious for an individual to send out manually.

Not only that, most email marketing platforms do not allow you to upload cold contact lists into their system due to CAN-SPAM Act.

We were facing issues with sending out personalized emails and follow-ups with Gmail, Outlook or email marketing platforms. We decided to create our own solution.


Introducing Cold Email Pro

Cold Email Pro is a cloud-based platform that connects with your Gmail or Outlook via IMAP/API to send out automated and personalized cold emails.

Cold Email Pro Features

Designed for high-volume sending without affecting your deliverability. Works smarter than a mail-merge tool and eliminates manual email sending process.

User-Friendly Dashboard​

Our Dashboard is carefully designed to ensure that the operation is user friendly and hassles-free. You can check the progress of all the ongoing campaigns with just a glance or simply select the one that you wish to monitor. We want to make sure that you are able to gauge the campaign success rate and make the necessary planning according to the timeline.

Campaign Management​

Welcome to your dedicated campaign page! You are able to upload your prospects contacts once it is done, you are ready to kick-start your campaign. We have created separate individual tracker for different campaign so that it is easy for you to analyse and make comparison.

Sequential Emails​

Email sequence enable you to create or delete messages based on your recipient behavior. This enable a greater chance of success to engage with your prospects. Also, we keep the number of recipient per day customizable so that you can work at your own pace.

Personalized Emails​

In the email itself, you have the freedom to create your own template and most importantly, with our integrated “Merger Fields”, it will elevate your message to become more personal between you and your prospect.

Follow-Ups Scheduling​

The same applies to your follow up emails, with the freedom to create and customize down to your prospect’s details. You can decide on the number of days to follow up with your recipient automatically after each messages has been sent. Our intention is for you to nurture your prospect and not to let them be squandered away or overlook due to your busy schedule.

Contact Management​

Our system then further summarize and break down your prospects details by their name, title, company, industry, status and etc to provide a holistic view on your connections and easy tracking.

Replies Management​

Do not have to worry about messy email inbox especially when you are engaging with high volume of prospects. With PROSPECTING ROBOT Cold Email PRO, the system will only consolidate the replied messages for your easy browsing and tracking.

Email Deliverability​

We assure high email deliverability due to our IMAP/API integrations, together with some system features.

  • Rotation of unlimited number of custom unsubscribe URLs.
  • Integration of wildcard subdomains.
  • Unique & optimal sending schedules and daily limits for every campaign.

Our Pricing Model

Cold Email PRO is not a typical email marketing software. It is designed for sales & marketing people to send out personalized text emails from their own email servers in an automated, scheduled system.

*Cold Email PRO is mainly used by sales team to actively send out emails to their customers, or cold-emails to potential prospects.


Monthly Subscription
  • Unlimited Emails (You are using your own email server!)​
  • Unlimited Contacts​
  • A/B Testing of Sequential Emails​
  • Customized Unsubscribe URLs​
  • Personalized Email Editor​
  • Email Follow-Ups Scheduling​
  • Inbox & Replies Management (Auto-Sync)​
  • Gmail & Outlook IMAP/API Integration​
  • High Email Deliverability​
  • Cloud-Based Email Platform​


We understand that you may want to view our platform before signing up. Feel free to schedule a no-obligation live demo session with us by clicking on the link below. Our customer support will be in-touch with you within the next 1 working day.

frequently asked question

There is no limited number of contacts per campaign, but we suggest you to keep it within the number that you can manage at your end.

Yes, you can add more contacts into the same campaign either by manually upload through “Add Single Contact” or upload a new CSV file if you have more.

You can always check the status for “Missing-Data” in your campaign contact list.

Yes, you can send a test email to make sure that the messages and sequence is align with your campaign direction.

No. The system is created with great innovation and intelligence to bypass the Spam folder and we ensure that every email is delivered directly into the recipient’s inbox.

Yes, we have integrated the inbox in our system to make it easier for our user to check, track and respond to the emails.