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2 min readHow To Write A Killer Cold Email That Increases Conversion Rate?

Cold emailing more often than not turns into a hit or miss scenario with a number of people out there. This is caused by uncertainly and also the general consideration of the email sent being either a spam or scam email by the sender. But, what a number of people tend to overlook is that a well prepared, well thought-out email can have a great impact on the reader every now and again. Even now, email remains as one of the best methods of communicating with your prospects and the people out there in general. Here, we will be going over a couple of methods for you to turn your general method into a killer cold emailing method which may also assist you in increasing your conversion rate!

You need to start off by targeting the ideal prospects for your business! In simple words, only target the individuals or organizations that could benefit from what you’re selling. If they do not resonate with you, it is best to look elsewhere. Once you have narrowed your audience, look for the right person within the organization to contact. Ideally, this is the person who will decide whether to purchase your product or service.

You will need to map out what your prospects care about. After you have identified your ideal prospect and know who to contact, think about what her issues are how you can help her solve this pain point. Get their email address, and you’re on a roll. Lure them in with an eye-catching subject line. Subject lines tend to be crucial!  Your subject line should be targeted at your prospect’s needs and then, present your solution.

You are required cut to the chase. Minutes are limited here, make sure your email is precise and lay it all out in a manner which you would enjoy reading. Avoid generic messages, let them know how you can benefit them. Make the emails personal. Personalized emails tend to generate replies better. This is due to a sense of connection and exclusiveness which the reader is engaged to. Start with the basics, such as the person’s name and company name and move your way forward from there.

Stick to just one call to action. If you really want to elevate your chances of conversion, you need to have a clear call to action. In other words, know what you require them to do and stick to it.

Make sure to follow up. Some people tend to read an email and forget to respond, and emails are known for getting lost in spam. So, it will not hurt to follow up if you have not heard back in about a week. In fact, most people are fine with a gentle reminder. Remember to not be intrusive. If you do not hear back after two or three attempts, that’s due to lack of interest. This should assist you in sending out better cold emails!

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