Now you can turn passive connection into actionable leads while
growing more contacts than ever for your business.

The LinkedIn Struggle

We all know that LinkedIn is one of the leading social network for professionals. It’s a platform that many business users around the world use to network & prospect for opportunities.

However, there are two major hurdles faced by professionals when using LinkedIn – Time & Consistency.

Do you have time to invite prospects, message, engage & follow up with your connections everyday?

90% of the LinkedIn users do not login or manage their account well and lapse always happens!

Challenges in Linkedin

What we can do for you?

  • Users to actively build their connections
  • Sales team to create sales opportunities.
  • Business owners to create collaboration or partnership opportunities.
  • Events provider to invite c-suite executives to their events.
  • Suppliers to find distributors or resellers.
  • Startups to find investors, vice-versa.
  • Possibilities are endless!

Automated Features

Prospecting Robot LinkedIn ENGAGE is a comprehensive system for you to Prospect, Engage & Set Appointments even when you are resting.

  • Get connected to hundreds to thousands of highly targeted audience who are decision makers each month in LinkedIn
  • 4 Steps Sequential Messaging to connected prospects on daily basis.
  • Introduce > Engage > Collaboration > Closing
  • Automated LinkedIn InMail Messaging to hundreds of decision makers that are not connected to. (LinkedIn only provides 3-10 FREE InMails for Premium & Sales Navigator users.)
  • Leverage on artificial intelligence & human touch to drive conversions.
  • Get decision makers to book an appointment with you.

Explore amazing features

Convinced that we can help? Explore some of the many amazing features of Prospecting Robot: LinkedIn Engage here!

linkedin automation


Our Dashboard is carefully designed to ensure that the operation is user friendly and hassles-free. You can check the progress of all the ongoing campaigns with just a glance or simply select the one that you wish to monitor. We want to make sure that you are able to gauge the campaign success rate and make the necessary planning according to the timeline


Welcome to your dedicated campaign page! You are able to upload your prospects contacts from LinkedIn and once it is done, you are ready to kick-start your campaign. 

This section gives you the freedom to customize, launch or delete your campaign. We have created separate individual tracker for different campaign so that it is easy for you to analyse and make comparison.


Our system then further summarize and break down your prospects details by their name, title, company, industry, status and etc to provide a holistic view on your connections.


Do not have to worry about messy LinkedIn inbox especially when you are engaging with high volume of prospects. With PROSPECTING ROBOT LinkedIn ENGAGE, the system will only consolidate the replied messages for your easy browsing and tracking.

linkedin software automation

Global Limits

Choose how do you want to manage your campaign traffic flow by using our customizable daily limits. We want you to feel comfortable with your own working pace that suit your current work environment.


The worst kind of messages when come to marketing is the auto-generated messages that can sound cold and typical. Our system has more than a dozen of templates that you can personalize by adding in your prospects details for some personal touch.

You are free to create any template that resonate better with your business direction and marketing style.

linkedin cloud software


Our system also helps in sending free InMail messages & managing templates for your ease of use. This feature will help your business to knock on more doors than ever for opportunities – start messaging targeted users who are unconnected as well!


Our Pricing Model

LinkedIn Engage is a software subscription where you pay on a monthly basis.


Monthly Subscription
  • LinkedIn Engage Monthly Access
  • Profile View Generator
  • Connection Invites
  • Automated Messaging
  • Free InMail Messages
  • Message Templates Manager
  • Global Limits
  • Campaign Scheduling

Cloud Based

Monthly Subscription
  • LinkedIn Engage Monthly Access
  • Profile View Generator
  • Connection Invites
  • Sequential Messaging
  • Free InMail Messages
  • Message Templates Manager
  • Inbox Management
  • Global Limits
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • High Converting Templates Ready
  • CRM Integration (Zapier)
  • Cloud Based Access


We understand that you may want to view our platform before signing up. Feel free to schedule a no-obligation live demo session with us by clicking on the link below. Our customer support will be in-touch with you within the next 1 working day.

frequently asked question

Filter a list of prospects using your LinkedIn account. We highly recommend you to do so using LinkedIn Sales Navigator account. Just copy and paste the link into our system and it will start generating the contact list with a click.

No as our system will only generate the contact list based on the input link from your LinkedIn search.

No. LinkedIn only provides 3-10 FREE InMail for Premium & Sales Navigator users. You will need to purchase extra credits through LinkedIn for additional InMail.

Our inbox will consolidate all replied messages from recipient for your easy checking and tracking. However, you can only response to the messages directly from your LinkedIn account that you have signed up for the campaign.

You can use your own LinkedIn account either Regular, Premium or Sales Navigator. However, we recommend you to set up a Sales Navigator account for an all-inclusive experience.

Yes, we have the option to filter out your first degree profile.