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2 min readLinkedIn Prospecting – Why Many Failed, But Only A Few Succeeded.

The experiences people tend to gather by prospecting on LinkedIn varies from person to person. LinkedIn is an amazing platform for people to connect, build connections and potentially attract their prospects. In short, prospecting on a mammoth of a platform such as LinkedIn could only seem to be the right thing to do, right? However, that isn’t always the case. Not everyone is able to attain the success they are after on LinkedIn, and the reasons tend to vary as well.

One of the many reasons people tend to fail when it comes to prospecting on LinkedIn is because they are not able to get to the leaders, the ones in-charge or the ones who call the shots. This in itself, cuts your chances of attaining your prospects in half. Getting to the prospect is the most important part here, without that nothing will actually move forward. Besides the earlier point being a concern, it is also crucial to be consistent, and timely, with how you choose to deal and get back to your potential prospects. This is where some people looking to prospect tend to fall short, simply due to the fact that they are not able to cope and keep up with their prospects. After the trials and tribulations of these earlier steps, if you fail to generate any useful leads at all, this tends to leave people with a feeling of being let down by the platform.

But the fact is, LinkedIn can work and has worked for numerous different individuals. Having the right balance of everything can go a long way. The people who are able to succeed on LinkedIn need to provide themselves with the option to not get into processes which are rather time consuming without providing any ideal results. Also, you need to be communicating with prospects who are able to call the shots and make the decisions, without wasting your time running through unnecessary channels. And, it is crucial for you to have a more systematic and controlled method of communication, which will help you send out the right message for each of your prospects.

Finally, success on LinkedIn is very much attainable. It just takes the right idea, proper planning and flawless execution in order for you to be able to deliver the ideal results for yourself and even your bosses! Prospecting on LinkedIn isn’t a walk in the park, that is for sure, but it is something you can master over time, and that’s a given!

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