Why We Created Prospecting Robot

Traditional Sales Prospecting Don’t Work

As a matter of fact, we have been in the B2B industry for the last decade. Our sales team were typically making phone calls, sending out cold emails one by one and sometime even door-to-door visiting. 

We start to find that salespeople are not motivated to undertake traditional sales prospecting activities and turn-over were high. People these days just don’t like to prospect.

On the other hand,
digital marketing were expensive.

Although we are well-versed in digital marketing, we start to find that digital marketing was getting over-saturated and the ROI were declining drastically over the years. As more and more advertisers were coming on board, we start to find audiences ignoring all these digital advertisements.

we are the users

Our biggest issues with our business were sales people & lack of prospecting initiatives. We decided to create a suite of solutions that helps our salespeople to eliminate prospecting activities and focus on sales meetings & consultations. It works very well, our sales soared.

No more cold calling

Our sales team were no longer involved in cold-calling. Cold calling were one of the main reasons why salespeople leave the job. We no longer faced that issue.

no more manual emails

Our sales team were no longer spending hours daily sending out emails one by one. The worse thing that can happen is that you have a group of sales team who do not have appointments.


no more canvassing

Door-to-door visits are no longer part of the job scope and sales people simply hates it. These days, some offices even put up signs or are instructed to chase them away!

Smarter Networking

Sales team no longer spend countless hours on LinkedIn or exhibitions, trying to build up network or relationship with people. It works at times, but conversions were really bad.


Start Prospecting Wisely Like Us.