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2 min readThe Rise & Fall. Landing Pages Over Pretty Websites

Who would have thought that the day would come where fancy and attractive websites no longer garnered the same attention as before? But that is true and that is in fact, what is taking place currently. With things becoming quicker and technology just growing as rapidly as it ever has, people are no longer inclined towards going through an entire website. People these days rather, have a quick look through something which is shorter, informative and dynamic enough to put the point across. Which is why landing pages are now taking over and proving to have a much stronger appeal in comparison to your regular dated websites.

Don’t get wrong, some websites out there still gain as much traffic as they did previously. But those are proven and long running brands and companies which have created their identity a while back. And even then, such successful brands still tend to opt for straight forward pages and a method of quickly getting their point across. Spending thousands of dollars to firms out there claiming to bring traffic to your websites can often turn into a very dissatisfying experience. Having a landing page instead gives you the power of delivering a medium for your customers where they can access what they need by simply scrolling. This will often lead to customers then opting to find out more information through you, because you just made their life easier and avoided giving them the hassle of navigating endlessly.

Landing pages are without a doubt, the way to go in this current market. And if executed perfectly, the traffic and sales bound to come through this is amazing for any business. Picture the same method of running a website, but on a landing page. There is a plethora of crucial landing page statistics which back this claim. Studies carried out have proven that companies which use more landing pages tend to gain more leads in comparison to companies which use lesser. Also, the use of videos on landing pages can help boost the rate of conversions by up to 86%, which is absolutely staggering. Doing your targeting and testing perfectly can also lead to an improvement in conversions up to 300% or more. The numbers do truly speak for themselves. However, having the improper methods can also lead to some dissatisfaction. Such as delays in page loadings can lead to a 7% drop in conversions. Other than that, having too many offers on one single landing page can often put off the customer rather than getting a conversion out of them. However, these are methods which can be perfected, simply by you, and at your convenience. With the help of proper tools, the risk is barely there, and the rewards seems too good to pass up on.

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