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2 min readWhy Aren’t You Getting Replies Through Cold Emails?

For the marketeers out there, they realize how much of a struggle cold emailing can be. Sending out time consuming emails, and often not gaining any valuable & useful feedback, or even a response, can be extremely demotivating for any marketeer. But, why don’t you get a response?

For starters, the old school method of cold emailing will no longer work today. It comes as no surprise that people, in general, choose not to pay attention to such emails anymore. And here we are talking about business leaders, who will not bother investing their time doing that at all. One of the many reasons cold emailing isn’t getting you the replies you want is due to the process of you getting in touch, keeping a track and following up with emails appropriately. Anyone would love having personal and customized emails in order to be truly invested in the conversation they are having. Sending out generic and repeatedly used emails will cause the person to feel less inclined to bother getting back. This is where having the ability to customization and control over how emails are created, and sent, comes in super handy. Other than that, choosing a certain way to email someone can instantly create an impression about you. Whether the impression is good or otherwise, depends on your choice of words. Knowing what your idea is and how you choose to put it forward can go a long way to gaining a response from a business prospect. Many tend to fail at this and often find themselves marked as spam or something like that.

And one of the worse scenarios is that, your emails never actually reach your prospect. This can be very disappointing for someone who puts in so much of effort into their plan or proposal. Planning wisely, having a plan and the right tool, they work hand in hand in order to get the best out of cold emailing. Cold emailing can still be referred to as one of the best ways to prospect and get in touch with the people who call the shots. The fact is that one of the main reasons you are not getting a reply from cold emailing, could truly be down to your approach to the whole method itself.

Finally, being able to send out emails catered for each individual client can slowly manifest into your prospects not only getting back, but the timing & consistency will most probably gain you the prospect you’ve wanted to work with the whole time. And it all comes down to the right method of executing.

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